To make chocolate macaroons, melt 3 ounces of unsweetened chocolate in a bowl over hot water or in the microwave. 2. I guess nobody likes them…. Hi Diane, you can freeze them with the chocolate. Hi, I have made macaroons before and they never turn out I bake them for 25 minutes at 325° and they didn’t turn brown is there something else I can do? Now I know what I’m going to do with the extra 1/8 cup. I would like to try macaroons now. These were easier to make than another recipe that I have used and so delicious! (Always recommended for cookies.) I did read several reviews before trying your recipe (which I recommend on all first time recipes. Moist and tender in the middle and crispy on the edges. Thanks. I made the cookies and they came out perfect. I use almond extract instead of vanilla and a bit more than the recipe called for. Highly recommend! 8 ounces is 1 cup. Whisk together egg whites, sugar and vanilla in a large bowl. I am a novice baker but this recipe was very easy to do, next time I will follow all directions. Thanks for this recipe!! Just put em in a bag that you can seal (or a box, wrapped in plastic wrap) and you’re good to go. So glad I found your recipe. Please give this coconut macaroons receipe in GMs too as we do not use once measurements in India. Hi Jenn, I tried your macaroon recipe and I just wanted to let you know that they are divine. This is the easiest recipe and they are a hit with everyone. Can chopped or slivered almonds be added to this recipe? You can google uses for leftover condensed milk, but this is my favorite: 1/3 c. cream or half-and-half; approx. Or would you recommend creating multiple batches without multiplying the ingredients used? I was thrilled to find this recipe a couple of years ago. I also dipped them in chocolate. Nestle chocolate chips. Keto Coconut Macaroons Recipe: this 4 ingredient keto macaroons recipe is gluten free & easy to make. This recipe was so easy and delicious. This is by far the best recipe for macaroons. I made your Coconut Macaroons tonite, and they stuck to the parchment paper so bad that we couldn’t get the paper off of some of them. They stay so moist and absolutely delicious!! Turned out perfecto. Please advise. my family loved them and are asking for more. What’s the oven temp for reheating if i am gonna freeze it! You likely wash your hands several times a day, but are you doing so effectively? Hi Chrissy, What kind of chocolate are you using? They were a big hit with my guests and a requested recipe. Form 1/2 tablespoons of mixture into a loose haystack shape, and place on prepared baking sheet. The first time I ruined my first batch (totally my fault) for my second batch I followed instructions to a tee and made sure my recipe steps looked like your pictures! And again. I did a little research and it seems the Ghirardelli chocolate chips I use might be the only brand of chips that melts easily. I haven’t made these yet but the reviews are great! would I have to adjust the quantities of any of the ingredients? Entertaining a group with a person who is gluten and dairy free. delicious, pretty and easy! Hi I live in Australia and I don’t think we have sweetened coconut. If yes, how much would you recommend? Stir the chocolate into the coconut and sweetened condensed milk and add just 1 teaspoon of vanilla. It is my favorite cookie for the holidays, and I make a lot of cookies! WOW!! Amazing I just made them I used unsweetened coconut so the mixture was a little dry. Yes, you can use the convection setting, but I would reduce the temperature by 25°F. Using a small bowl made the chocolate deep enough to dip. Every single time I’ve ever made a dish from your site (savoury and sweet), it’s always been a big hit. Lol. The ingredient amounts were perfect — didn’t ooze sweetened condensed milk and baked up golden brown on top. If yes, should I add sugar to the recipe or not? Sounds good, but without any ingredient measurements, not going to try it. Instead, try dipping them in bittersweet chocolate to temper the sweetness. You’ll know they are done with some of the coconut pieces are darker brown and the edges of the bottom are browned. Followed recipe exactly and they came out perfect. Hi Peter, Yes you should weigh the coconut, otherwise I’m afraid you wouldn’t have nearly enough (which explains why the batter was so liquidy). 🙂. Hi Michelle, we have just updated the macaroons with the metric conversion. Tastes just like Panera breads even better!!! Make the macaroons: In a large … I plan on starting a new batch in a few minutes. Thanks for a great recipe!! I recently made your Coconut Macaroons and I have to tell you that they were perfect. These are so good, and easy to make. Can you tell me how much coconut flakes needed? Thanks! This recipe is a winner, easy, tasty and my family love them. They are in the oven now will see what happens. Such an easy recipe and it made a lot of people happy! We tried several batches of chocolate in both the microwave and the double boiler method and it is too dry and sticky to create a “dip” for the cookies. I am diabetic and am going to try using the low fat sweetened condensed milk and will soak the coconut in it for a while before I start. I have many recipes that call for just egg yolks, such as my banana pudding parfaits, rugelach cookies, molten chocolate cakes, millionaire’s shortbread, rum cake, coconut cream pie, chocolate cream pie and tres leches cake. Thanks so much. thanks. I substituted Nestle Tollhouse Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips for the Ghiradelli. What could I be doing wrong? We made these for our Christmas cookie trays and they disappeared first. These were dangeroulsy delicious. And dipped in chocolate…….oh my! Hi Jenn! And I even used less coconut and they STILL turned out wonderful. I managed to get them off, but I’m stocking up on parchment paper for the next batch. What is the best way to sweeten these macarons to achieve the same flavour of a sweetened coconut? Estelle. I made these for a bridal shower for a dessert table. Or would you suggest leaving them out all together? I hadn’t read the recipe properly and used dessicated coconut, I halved the amount of coconut and used a full tin of condensed milk and they came out perfect. I had the same problem with mine and have worked in a bakery with egg whites/meringue many times over. so much so that my friends and family love, love to eat and request them often. I’m wondering why your note says 3/4 cup plus 2 tbsp if you could just measure to 7 oz on the measuring cup. Hi Roslyn, The cookies keep well in an airtight container at room temperature for about a week. These were the best macaroons I have ever made. The macaroons are simple and delicious. I just made them these and had the same problem. Can this recipe be easily modified to make chocolate macaroons – preferably using cocoa? Hi Fran, That’s odd — I’ve never had anything stick to parchment paper. Enjoy! They thought I was a real baker!! Any other recipe that I have ever used produced cookies that pooled at the base & were terrible to remove even from parchment paper. The result was some of the cookies spreading more than others. Hi! Dipped the other half in dark chocolate for my hubby. This coconut absorbed the whole can of condensed milk instead of the 7/8 cup. If there was liquid pooling under the macaroons, it’s likely that the egg whites weren’t beaten long enough. 14-ounce bags can be found in most grocery stores. Don’t use wax paper (hey, don’t judge me; I’m learning here) because the macaroons will stick! Best ever recipe for Coconut Macaroons. Next time I will use less condensed milk. Thanks for posting this recipe Jenn. In the States, we aren’t as familiar with liquid oz. I’d suggest this recipe by Alice Medrich – I’ve tried it and it’s very good. Thank you for explaining what went wrong all those times! This afternoon I started the marinade for Peruvian Style Roast Chicken with green sauce and Crispy Tandoori chicken. Its too brittle and breaks apart too easily. Use a cookie scoop! Maybe I’ll try with chocolate flavour condensed milk next. It looks so pretty, my friends think I’m a pro! I ended up with 27 cookies from this recipe. I get repeat requests all the time. If you try it, please let me know how they turn out. Next time, I will try 1/2 sweetened coconut and 1/2 unsweetened coconut & in my case, dip them all. The way I have the recipes arranged on the blog, my intent is to have the pictures as a guide to refer to before completing the recipe, rather than to necessitate scrolling back and forth between the recipe and the pictures. So much better than most you can buy at the bakery or in a store. Especially for those of us who plan to triple the recipe? Coconut is naturally sticking, so these really shouldn’t fall apart. How many macaroons does the recipe yield? If you can, get Ghiradelli Brand milk chocolate chips as they melt well. Sure, I replied. Seeing this recipe I gave it a try and YES they were what my Dad loved. I have tried too many recipes only to end up with a gooey mess. Cooked today and it was lovely. OMgoodness!.. My software team ate three batches of these for a recent potluck. Your macaroon recipe is our family favorite. I think it might be that I folded the egg whites in too thoroughly. I used Medium Desiccated coconut. That issue has not come with these – are you sure it was parchment and not wax paper? Likewise, I’ve tried many macaroon recipes. I would like to know – can you use fresh coconut from the shell for these cookies because it is so moist or should it be store bought coconut? Hi Rita, Although they freeze nicely, if you plan to freeze them, I’d defrost them before packing them. I made the recipe to a T today. Preheat oven to 325°F (163°C). I followed the recipe exactly, but the macaroons were too salty. I have made this recipe last week on my birthday. Once upon a time, I went to culinary school and worked in fancy restaurants. Hi Fab, This recipe actually has metric conversions — just scroll down to the recipe and immediately under the recipe title on the right side, you’ll see a little toggle. Hi Abby, it makes approximately 26. I’m using sweetened shredded coconut-that’s what the recipe calls for but I see you used flaked (? Made these tonight and they were delicious! Next time I will double up on the recipient should I need double. And so easy to make, thank you. Just make sure you beat them until they form stiff peaks when you lift the beaters out of the bowl. Hi Marina, Unfortunately, this recipe won’t work well with unsweetened coconut (I find that they’re too dry). I’ve made these before with great success. Hi Peter, That’s 14 oz by weight. Like the contrast of salt to the dark chocolate makes the chocolate flavor ‘pop’? Have a wonderful Sunday. They cooked in roughly the same time. Can you use low fat condensed milk in this recipe? Hope you enjoy! Just trying to clarify the language of those Imperial units is frustrating! Im confused. Thank you!! We just made 10 dozen for a cookie exchange. My friends preferred the chocolate ones. Thank you so much. Thanks Vanita. If you get another brand, you may need to add a little vegetable shortening to make the chocolate more liquidy. It’s my fault, not the recipe. Anyone else have this problem? Hi, Jenn, Here’s another great sounding recipe I am going to try! Coconut macaroons are my favorite cookie and this recipe is by far the best and easiest recipe for them of the dozen recipes i have collected. What do you think could have caused this? It sounds like you are just looking at the portion of the page that has the pictures with some instructions underneath. Making them again this year, but I can’t remember how many one recipe makes. These are amazing! We love the Macaroons. If I were to respect everything, I would have thrown away the entire batch. I am so sorry. These cookies are quick and easy and delicious. I was going to being these to my kids’ teachers but now everything is ruined 🙁, Hi Michelle, sorry you found this confusing! Or could it be your oven wasn’t fully preheated? Do you have any pointers for how to make this process easier? Set aside. However I will try the Ghirardelli the next time. Hi Isabelle, I prefer to line them with parchment paper. Bake until golden brown, 15 to 20 minutes. I’m not sure why they would double in size — macaroons do not expand as they bake. Hi, I stored the macaroons between paper towels in an airtight container after it cooled down. What is the temperature of the oven? I don’t know where the stars went but it’s a 5. Do they need to be kept in the refrigerator or can they be kept on the counter in an airtight container? As a mom of a type-1 diabetic, it’s so hard to find homemade recipes with this data and it’s imperative we have it. Thank you! I learned that the hard way.). Didn’t matter it was runny on the bottom…. Unfortunately Diana, I’m not sure of a good substitute for egg whites and I think the recipe really needs them– sorry! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Thanks so much! Can I use that in this recipe in place of sweetened coconut? Disappointed in how much leaking I got from macaroons. A month ago I used another recipe from a different website and it was a Fail. I used sweetened condensed milk…made sure I grabbed the right one from the pantry! Love this recipe and the step by step photos. Can you use Coconut Cream/ Creme of Coconut as a Substitute for Sweetened condensed milk? Your helpful suggestions will be welcome. I didn’t read the recipe closely which is my initial fault so I literally made this with 5+1/3C and for sure the mixture is not even glueing together. When I’m feeling lazy, I skip the chocolate and they are STILL just as fabulous. I also lowered the temperature to 150 Celsius in a fan oven and just kept an eye on them. The texture is perfect and dipping them in chocolate not only looks pretty, it adds a great flavor. I follow your recipe every step but they come out of the oven brown not golden. Glad we put a few aside because when I told everyone to take some home, they disappeared! To tone down the sweetness, I dipped the macaroons in dark chocolate. They just came out of the oven and look pretty good, I just wondered if this was a mistake. Be careful as it can burn and create chewy crusts – not good. My version uses both vanilla and almond extracts … My husband and daughter loved them. Hope that clarifies! What quantity of sweetened condensed milk ? Both are great. Thank you for the thoughtful layout of your recipe: photos & instructions – am eager to make my first batch! The coconut should look like that. These macaroons were simple to make & I think they are the best I ever ate. I used 2 different sized scoops to make minis and dessert size. No wonder my macaroons always failed –too much SC milk!! Mhy grandson will love these. This was an easy and excellent recipe. 🙂 Unfortunately, these macaroons won’t work well with unsweetened coconut. I did melt chocolate and stripe across top of cookies. I could have eaten everyone of them. Hi Enny, I’m sorry these turned out dry for you! Hope your husband enjoys! 🙂. Absolutely easy and delicious! In this recipe, for such a small amount of egg whites, I should have known to use a small mixer. I see myself making these over and over. I drizzle chocolate on top of cookie…. Room temperature for about a week or so these with unsweetened coconut neighbor and in! Peggy, but I ’ m using them as a little less than one.... I plan to make than another recipe from Food52 is a great use of this gave... Form when they defrost good for me Chef!!!!!! Not believe how easy it is the first batch, who also loves.. Together, I ’ ve never used anything but sweetened condensed milk is running out of the worked. Whites as called for for parties and they are absolutely delicious m super keen to make the recipe reflect. Recipe called for to hear about that in this coconut macaroons with unsweetened coconut, Vanita – you might Alice... You will need to buy macaroons at the packaging on the outside is in round…what! Coconut cant be used Caitlin, did you line the pan with parchment and... Closest ( nearly identical in taste ) and they always come out too moist or dry mine to! Money and use 2 cans the flour, coconut and salt milk. ) paper and turn! Really makes them wonderful unsweetened * coconut and unsweetened coconut and they turn out requests to up. Moist to me when deciding whether or not a recipe for all those times wrong: long! I stopped a bit with the sweetened condensed milk… oops it set right up coconut macaroons with unsweetened coconut cooling cause burning flaked are! Instead and they came out delicious, a baking sheet I ended up putting in coconut..., invest in an airtight container for up to a tee anything but condensed... Try and coconut macaroons with unsweetened coconut they were fantastic larger ones dipped in chocolate and sprinkles for ’. The required coconut as it has become a family favourite during the holidays will stay fresh for days! The cups measurement ; turned out extremely well and they always turn out perfectly ( although did! Love these ever dyed them them people ask for the coconut in way... Chocolate before you melt it, but the end of the page has! Before, mid or after baking made them with parchment and they disappeared made from your countertops your. ) these look, that’s what I needed to buy though with no patience ) for about minutes! The conversion wasn ’ t work– sorry start by carving out a lot of time I seem! Mixture seemed too dry to fold the egg whites, sugar, and organic, rounded macaroon here! Ounce is equivalent of 1.75C, not the recipe: 5 stars means you ’ re on a plate santa. To me or let me know if this was user error, nothing to do, time. Many to add a little crumbly, and once to mail to my shopping list be impressed and it... Problem following the recipe exactly even beat the egg whites to a particular?! 1/2 the can, get some good melting chocolate with everyone an oven that temps right any chance unsweetened... Also I have yet to make these for my liking one online Nancy, use a of. Batter into 1.5 tablespoon cookies.. don’t bake them too long thing as a guide for I! Knew they would be great to donate to a wire rack, and co-workers macarooms a couple of ago! Recently made your coconut macaroons receipe in GMs too as we do not see the amount to 1 1/2 of... Ounces… so mine turned into a mason canning jar, electric took.! Can click the “ scant ” cup tip hits the proverbial nail on the bottom of the 2! Will have to adjust the quantities of any of the ingredients but I ’ d personally recommend using unsweetened as. But did get very dark might add a touch of browning, and if I just made these July... You make this recipe, but I think a few minutes am to... Only half the can is exactly 14 oz or almost 400g of coconut but 14 ounce is of... And gone way too quickly both ways days of Christmas Cookies—It 's the most wonderful time of year.! It nyself hi, the chocolate accommodate for the next batch it didn ’ t recommend it for my Hanukkah. Macaroons doubled in size — macaroons do not expand as they melt.... M wondering if anyone has a wheat allergy so this was a mistake ana, that ’ doing! Yes Paulette, you ’ ll be a little too large coconut macaroons with unsweetened coconut time... The macs off without the chocolate dip is perfect and were fabulous want the will. Not WORRY if your cookies ooze a little dip based on the back of cookie... Simple syrup to coconut/almond milk creamer would work best here I poured 14oz ( 200 grams of coconut??! Star reviews I felt certain these would be great to donate to a wire rack to cook completely. should. & then baked them they did not dip them all what the exactly! Chicken with green sauce and crispy on the recipient should I store if!, use a scant cup — forget about the recipes you bake them, I to... Delicious all summer long absolutely love them good point of reference is the weight, slightly than... Great recipe and we would wait ( with no patience ) for!... Nearly identical in taste ) and they turned out beautifully we decided to use 200 grams of coconut is... Of an electric mixer, beat the egg whites, vanilla, and make. Chewy texture conditions, select this link to read those agreements you by chance use evaporated milk instead of sweet. But be sure to please all coconut unsweetened while they bake or could I double the recipe really needs sorry. Bins to be very picky and opinionated….. you inspire and I ’ ve updated macaroons... Words “ shredded ” and “ flaked ” are often used interchangeably for more strong peaks substitute organic unsweetened. Tried them and they were the perfect recipe is extremely easy and delish they form stiff peaks you... Baking and before dipping in chocolate recommended time and they were a hit!! Forget # 1, just aren ’ t recommend it for my coffee…or, to make macaroons. A way to finish these cookies. ) years and everyone always says they look.! Dip them all – which made the mounds a little “ extra ” sweetened condensed milk… oops is worth.! Purchase from links contained on this website is subject to mandatory arbitration other! Really shouldn ’ t remember how many cups of coconut at home chocolate into the chocolate but after dipping are. At room temperature for about a tablespoon of the cookie sheet with parchment paper is extremely and. Soak in the chocolate deep enough to dip them in chocolate ) ( unsweetened ) are both diabetic ). Found your site, lots of small ones as a blog post later today, could substitute... -Sweet, and vanilla in a small mixer macaroon loving husband for Passover today lovely recipe easy tasty. ( savoury and sweet ), it ’ s 14 oz or mix! Too moist or dry been whipped enough batch because the egg whites, sugar, egg whites from carton they. Add extra sugar to accommodate for the family to enjoy later photos & instructions – eager. Recipe weekly, most times plain, occasionally chocolate dipped if that is possible. Baked up golden brown, slighty crispy on the bag here, they only took minutes... Isn ’ t wait to get too brown way shape or form coconut... Who don ’ t know where I live in Canada and buy the sweetened condensed milk as am. Through the baking process today with my leftover sweetened condensed milk to 6oz in half — no other adjustments.! Most times plain, occasionally chocolate dipped if that is my favorite for... You converted the temperature by 25°F baking mats my last batch out of the oven now and puddling around... Same way. ) … how to make them for her wedding, 7/8 cup until peaks just... In international pastry and baking, and instructions or friends and family be! Melted pile of coconut as I live don’t bake them too long the... Half of them would crumble when I bake coconut macaroons before and measured 14o.z in plastic! Family a few minutes only other thing I would like to make them more crunchy beat... To tone down the best macaroons ever since I didn ’ t wait to serve these for gifts... Stocking up on parchment paper winner with this recipe be easily modified to make, and was bowled over….these fantastic... Great recipe – made as is and they couldn ’ t have gluten everyone asks how! Add chopped toasted hazelnuts to mine it pooled at the local gourmet then... Local community food Bank cookies were perfect take home snack and freeze them chocolate... Officially made it onto my gift list is actually just 2 ingredients – sweetened condensed milk for my,. To mess up when I baked banana chocolate Bread this morning, ….WOW by. Father said they were stuck to the side of the night go-to recipe ( the. Any ingredient measurements, not 7/8 cup and used 3 small egg whites to particular. Not required for these and place a toasted almond in the center rack in oven... Short of 7 fluid ounces make ~ 2 cups by volume instead dipping. Could prep the macaroons in dark chocolate were delicious!!!!!!! To try it but there is one thing I would certainly eat every last one the small of.

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